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Offering 360º of Protection from Corrosion
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Hardwax for the Underbody
TEC Waxoyl Hardwax
Hardwax provides superior corrosion protection for all types of vehicles and exterior metal structures.
Hardwax forms a tough, flexible, wax-based barrier that keeps the elements out while providing unparalleled chemical protection that completely interrupts electrochemical oxidization (corrosion) for all types of metals. From bridges to cars, Hardwax has a rich history of protection in a variety of applications.


120-4 for Cavity Protection
TEC 120-4 for Cavity Protection
"Fogs" the cars cavities to provide total coverage, penetrating deep into seams for the ultimate protection from corrosion. One application protects for the life of the vehicle. Where surface rust already exists, Waxoyl Professional 120-4 stops corrosion in its tracks.
Professional application tools snake through existing drains for complete protection without drilling access holes. Displaces moisture to achieve an optimum bond, even in damp environments. Temperature range of active protection from -40°F to 300°F. Safe on all paint finishes, rubber parts, electrical components, and it even lubricates window tracks.


Hardwax for the Ultimate Protection
TEC Car Care
Professional solutions to clean, polish, and protect vehicles inside and out. Waxoyl Professional Car Care products are designed to make every job quick and easy, yielding amazing results that last.
Waxoyl Professional provides a complete range of car care products to clean, properly prepare, and protect your cars interior, exterior, and engine compartment.

Customers Who Use Waxoyl:
• Town of Framingham
• Town of Winchester
• Town of Sandwich
• Town of Hubbardston
• City of Northampton
• Wellesley College
• City of Marlboro
• Town of Shrewsbury
• Town of Weston
• Town of Northborough
• Town of Northampton
• Specialty Vehicles
• Mass Diesel (Application Center)
• Lou's Custom Exhaust-Marlboro (Application Center)
• T Customs Performance Parts & Accessories (Application Center)

Topwax-6 for Storage
TEC Topwax-6 for Storage
Provides superior storage protection that beats the ravages of time by completely encasing items in a thin layer of wax. Topwax-6 delivers the ultimate protection from aggressive environmental damage. Ideal for protecting cars, buses, utility vehicles, construction machines, tools, rail cars, ships and airplanes.
Protects all painted and unpainted surfaces on vehicles, machinery, machine parts and tools, etc. Topwax-6 is used to protect during transportation and storage and provides medium-term protection (up to six months) against environmental damage, e.g. acid rain, rust film, soot particles, etc.


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